I know this is an Olds site but here is my sons  69 Plymouth RoadRunner.  I must admit it is one "hell of a car."



A stroked 383=431 cu. in.

450 hp. @ 5200rpms  ---  525 ft. pounds @ 3000 through 5700 rpms!!

Burn Out




Update 11/25/12   Not being satisfied with enough power and in the spirit of Muscle Mopars, John purchased and installed a Supercharger !!


First start after Supercharger installation 11/25/12

Second Mopar 

  With the sale of his 69 Cutlass and the realization that he truly is a Mopar man, my son purchased a 1973 Barracuda that was in running condition but in need of a lot of body work.  This picture was taken after the successful transplant of a modern 5.7 Hemi naturally aspirated with a dual quad set up into the freshly done car!  A lot of work is yet to be done.


His Every Day Mopar  June 2012


Family Car Day 9/15/13



Video of one of many test start ups

Recent Pictures of the Barracuda Engine Compartment 9/13/14




John's Birthday Poker Run to Hibernia Auto Restoration  9/13/14

The day started at John's home where John and I, Bernie and Peter, Frank Sr. and Frankie ( " Pookie " ) met to start the day.  The weather was threatening and the forecast not promising, but we were committed to the tour.  The children decided with whom they were going to ride.  Our first stop was a local Dunkin Donuts - the highlight for the kids.

DD's Parking Lot

What Kid doesn't like a Doughnut ?



then onto Hibernia Auto Restoration Shop in Hibernia, New Jersey



Will met us at the door and was extremely gracious and informative

link to their web page Hibernia Auto Restorers


finished Concours Quality Restorations


forgot what year Triumph                                                                            1935 Buick


1935 Buick


1928 Cadillac


 1956 Packard


this car made my day

1953 Oldsmobile Fiesta priced at $200,000.00 or best offer


the go to place for quality restoration