Standard Specifications

1970 Olds Ad Slogan. "The Escape Machines. Escape from the Ordinary. "

This was my every day car. 

I'm the third owner of this 1970 Cutlass Supreme.  I wanted an Olds to be my every day driver, so I sold an 89 American "generic car" and bought this piece of Oldsmobile History.  It at one time was repainted the original color ,  given a 442 rear bumper, and generally was in good original condition.  The front end was completely rebuilt as was the front and rear suspension. The Rocket 350 with 4 brl. Rochester was rated from the factory a healthy 310 hp.  

Since it's mine, I gave it some new rubber ( Firestone 225R70's), rebuilt the carb, replaced the alternator, and gave it a tune up.  I upgraded the ignition by installing a Crane electronic pointless system.  It was joy to drive and turned heads when it went by.  I spruced  up the engine compartment with the proper air cleaner and all the proper decals.  It had 126k miles and sounded and felt like it could go another 100k.  

9 -12-04 Update

That summer with the need for a new timing chain, I decided to freshen up the top end: Edelbrock RPM Cam, lifters, and springs, Rpm intake and 750 cfm Carb.  The car is no longer driven daily.  Along with me, this Olds retired to an occasional roar down the road.  My plans are to soon drop in a fresh 455 and redo the entire car.  


6-10-06 Update

During the summer of 05, I decided to restore the 70.  First and foremost was a freshly rebuilt 455 with enough goodies to get her down the road in a hurry!

Then out with the 350 and in with the 455!


Then some slight modifications with the addition of a Thornton Reproduction OAI Ram Air Hood and 442 Grilles

The car went through a complete body repair and prep for refinishing.  Mike G. from Clifton NJ did all the bodywork and the car is flawless.  I cannot thank him enough for his craftsmanship and meticulous attention to every detail.  All questionable metal where rust had done its thing was replaced. No Bondo anywhere.  All lines are unbelievably straight and body seams precisely aligned.  Thank You Mike!!


The plan is to finish the car in Galleon Gold with the original Saddle Interior.  The Vinyl Top will also be the matching and original colored Saddle.  The stripes on the Ram Air Hood will be a matching Brown Metallic to pull the car all together. 


New Paint Job and a week away from coming home.  These photos are before it was rubbed out and the car already looks wet and mirror like.  Another great Job from Scott and his crew at Kearny Collision in Kearny New Jersey.



It's been about a month now since it's home and the endless hours it takes to put it back together again is amazing.  Mike was right in saying that its all about the little things now.  Trim parts have to be new or they stick out like a sore thumb.  Decals and factory markings are necessary if you want the car to stand out in a crowd.  Interior and engine compartment detailing appears to be a never ending job!  But slowly it will get done.  To date here are the results.

Update 10-24-2015

Just when you think you know all there is to know about cars, an event occurs to teach you another wrinkle.  I will confess that auto electronics was never my forte but through the years I've gotten better.  The '70 is driven infrequently and always performs flawlessly.  The other day, when attempting to restart in the driveway, the car was dead!  No response at the key.  My hasty conclusion was the starter motor.  Tapped it with a hammer ..... You know the routine.  On first retry - nothing.  Moments later on a second try, it started right up.  Put the car in the garage and concluded it was a heat issue with the headers and the starter solenoid.

Bought a AC Delco 'professionally' remanufactured unit and a thermal heat wrap.  Installed it and thought all would be solved.  Wrong !! Same result ... Nothing.  While scratching my head leaning over the driver side fender, I noticed that the horn relay ( bolted to the upper edge of the inner fender edge ) was loose.  I tightened the bolt and you guessed it  ... the car started right up.  Another example of haste making waste.  I "cleaned up" the contact area, added a lock washer and all seams to be resolved. 

The new issue as a result of my actions is that the starter needs to be shimmed because there is a high whining sound and that's a clue to a wrong gap between the gear teeth.  Found this info on line that explains what to do.  Page 1.  Page 2.


Tried shimming and things got worse.  Took shims out and retightened.  All sounds normal.  Go figure. " If it ain't broke, don't fix it ! "

4/28/16  After a successful retrofit and charge of the AC system in the '69,  it's time for the '70 to blow cold as well.  'O' rings have been replaced with the proper type for r134, the new compressor was filled with PAG oil, and the drier was replaced years ago when the car was being restored and was never used. All that's left to do is vacuum and charge.  It will get done this week.