1967 OLDSMOBILE Cutlass Supreme Turnpike Cruiser 400-2 bbl MPG= 16.8 Hwy

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1967 OLDSMOBILE Cutlass Supreme Turnpike Cruiser 400-2 bbl MPG= 16.8 Hwy

Story copyright D. S. Brown/ Reprinted article copyright CAR LIFE, AMA spec sheet copyright Oldsmobile, GM, Olds Climatic Control illustrations copyright 1967 Oldsmobile dealer brochure, Yellow convertible photo from Rocket Circle copyright Oldsmobile 1966. Quotes from John Gordon copyright John Gordon and GM Heritage Center.


Tests of the OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS SUPREME TURNPIKE CRUISER when the car was newly released averaged  out to approximately 16.8 Hwy MPG.

Magazine tests rarely evaluated a regular 1967 Cutlass, but there are plenty of tests of the Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme with the amazing Turnpike Cruiser package. The TC package gave decent gas mileage for the era, stable and very quiet high speed handling, plenty of room in a package that provided easier parking than a full size car. The TC had lots of torque for decent acceleration and hauling families with luggage over Interstate highways economically, quickly and comfortably.

The name Turnpike Cruiser was first used a decade earlier by the Mercury division over at Ford. Interstate philosophy inspired comfortable highway cruisers or full size economy cars. Various formats appeared over the years but it wasn't until 1967 with the Oldsmobile Turnpike Cruiser that  all the elements came together in one package.

The 1967 Oldsmobile Turnpike Cruiser took all the factors that had been tried before, incorporated them into one new package and expanded upon the concepts further. The Olds TC came on the heels of the home run Oldsmobile achieved with the Toronado the previous year. Olds was known as a cutting edge division back in the 1950s. In 1966 Olds revived their image as innovators with the radical for the time full size front wheel drive Toronado. Cadillac let them work out the bugs, and then used the platform for the new Eldorado in 1967. In 1967 Olds beat a new path ahead of the crowd again with the Turnpike Cruiser. Below is one of the first advertisements for the TC which appeared in the page  of the Oldsmobile magazine ROCKET CIRCLE.

The Turnpike Cruiser Package was only available on the top 1967 Oldsmobile Cutlass model, the Supreme. Out of the five Supreme body styles, the 442 and Turnpike Cruiser could only be ordered on the two doors: Sports Coupe, Holiday Coupe and Convertible. The economy family hauler formula was slightly changed this time by building it into an intermediate instead of a full size car as was every other prior attempt by other manufacturers. The Olds TC didn't stop at economy. The frame and suspension was pure 442, making the TC a valid high speed highway cruiser.

The TC squeezed out decent MPG even with a 400 engine. The tiny two barrel carburetor was calibrated to work with a revised camshaft. Cam timing optimized torque at a lower RPM range to accommodate the highway cruising 2.41 rear axle. The AMA specs on the car list both 2.41 and 2.56 axles. The magazine test cars used 2.41, but the axle was switched up to a 2.56 ratio upon public release. The early 1966 advertisement above lists a 2.41, proving that Olds originally intended to release the lower axle to the public

Below are a few pages out of the AMA spec sheet issued by Oldsmobile. AMA sheets are available through the Oldsmobile History Center, Lansing Michigan and GM Canada Historical, Oshawa, Ontario. To see other pages of this booklet refer to the 67 Cutlass 330 story also in the GAS LOGS section.

Oldsmobile barely mentioned the TC package in the spec sheet, providing minimal information about the 400 engine in the detailed charts to follow.

As seen above, the TC used the Turbo- Hydro Matic 3 speed auto which was otherwise only available for the 442 or as an option on the Custom Vista Cruiser. All other F85 and Cutlass packages had to make do with the two speed Jetaway. The Turnpike Cruiser used a unique Turbo-Hydro Matic with modifications specific to the Turnpike Cruiser application.

Below is a dealer bulletin dated Oct 11, 1966 updating the sales people about the Turnpike Cruiser package. The dealer brochures provided sparse information about the TC.

One important part of the TC package was a new Oldsmobile system named Climatic Combustion Control. This system provided heated air at startup ducted in from atop the exhaust manifold. As the engine warmed up, a plate in the air cleaner opened to mix in cooler air maintaining constant air temperature. Controlled air temperature allows carburetor settings to be optimized at 100 degrees F. The Turnpike Cruiser was thus able to run leaner carb settings than typical 1967 carburetors which had compromise settings designed to blanket a wide variety of outside air temperatures. This system was optional on other Oldsmobile engines and later became a standard item on most US cars in the 1970s. Below is a diagram of the system in the 1967 Oldsmobile dealership sales brochure.

The Turnpike Cruiser handling was the equal of the 442: both have a convertible frame and heavy duty suspension which improves stability at high cruising speeds. The 442 was considered the best handling of the muscle cars of that era. Even the standard Cutlass with regular suspension was praised for balanced handling in an Owners Report published in May 1967 POPULAR MECHANICS. Anyone who has driven a 1967 Cutlass will notice the directional stability and nice cornering of the car. It is a terrific handling car when considered in the context of the era it came from. 

The Turnpike Cruiser tested by magazines improved handling an extra step with radial tires which were offered primarily to boost the economy of the package. The added side effect of great dry handling was a bonus that testers considered not worth it in view of the scary wet handling. Rain and wet adhesion was too slippery. Radial tires have come a long way since then. The radial tires weren't included in the public version of the TC, but radials could be ordered as an option in addition to the TC package.

The magazine testers had cruise control on their TC packages to enhance MPG one step further, but couldn't realize the potential because even back then traffic was too congested to truly cruise on the highways near metropolitan areas. Sadly, the powerful and yet fairly economical Turnpike Cruiser wasn't a major success due to consumer indifference. The concept trickled into the 1968 2 barrel 442 option and the 1970 Cutlass SX which offered a 2 barrel 455.

Extrapolating from the lousy police fleet MPG, someone using a 1967 Oldsmobile Turnpike Cruiser primarily for stop and go won't realize the advantages of the TC. This may be the reason for the failure of this great car to catch on with the public. Joe Average primarily commutes to work and grocery stores, typically only vacationing for 2 weeks a year. Even the guy commuting 100 miles from the suburbs to work was likely trapped in gridlocks which were common even as early as the 1960s.

Aside from long distance salesmen few people mainly drive on uncluttered Turnpikes far enough to derive benefit from the TC. Given the low price of gasoline at the time, the cost of the TC package wouldn't entice many buyers. The package was cheap at $142.18 but the mandatory Turbo Hydromatic option coupled with the TC inflated the cost quite a bit. Rather than the economy angle, the TC held appeal to  someone wanting smooth quiet fast poised cruising capability.

ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AMERICAN CARS FROM 1930 says 62,178 Cutlass Supreme Sports Coupes, Holiday Coupes and Convertibles were built in 1967. STANDARD CATALOG OF AMERICAN CARS 1946-1975 quotes 1967 Cutlass Supreme production numbers as follows: Sport Coupe: 18,256, Holiday Coupe: 57,858, Convertible: 10,897 which totals 87,011. There were 24,849 cars built with the 442 package which was available on the same three Cutlass Supreme models as the Turnpike Cruiser. That means 62,162 Cutlass Supremes in those three body styles were not 442s. This SCAC number is close but not exactly the same as the EAC number.

Below are the old CAR LIFE articles. Following the articles, OOCC has created a summary of the Turnpike Cruiser MPG figures from various sources.

This article is from CAR LIFE April 1967. CL tested the TC extensively and enthused that it was the car of the future. Unfortunately it took a few decades before USA car makers began producing cars capable of running low RPMs at highway speeds. Occasionally a decent sized highway cruiser would pop up such as Chrysler's 1976 Feather Duster and Dart Lite, but economy was usually equated with small econo boxes. We never really saw the potential of the TC translated to reality. Eventually when CAFE standards began worrying automakers, low highway RPMs were accomplished using overdrive transmissions rather than low rear axles.



HOT ROD tested a Turnpike Cruiser in their April 1967 issue and came up with "18-21 MPG" while riding on 195R14 sized radials and running drum brakes for less drag.

CAR LIFE April 1967 recorded steady speed gas mileage for the Turnpike Cruiser. A steady 60 mph produced 19.2 MPG, at 70 it was 17.2, at 80 it was still an impressive 15.2, and at 90 it was 13.1. They also were running four wheel drums and Uniroyal 195 radials.

MOTOR TREND Feb 1967 tested the Turnpike Cruiser and recorded 16.3 MPG Highway at a steady 70 mph.

The POPULAR MECHANICS Owners Report tabulated the results for Cutlass drivers with the 400 4 barrel and the Turbohydromatic 3 speed auto: 11.9 MPG City and 14.7 Highway. The 400 engine Cutlass is listed without reference to what proportion were 442s or Turnpike Cruisers, but mentioning a four barrel carb suggests they were all 442s. The 442 was more popular, so it's likely that the majority of the data came from 442s with the automatic transmission and the normal auto 3.08 axle. There may have been a few Turnpike Cruisers represented in this figure. To read about the 1967 442 check the story filed after this one in the GAS LOGS.


MPG REAL LIFE USER- 22 MPG Hwy.  John Gordon has owned a 1967 Cutlass Supreme Holiday Coupe Turnpike Cruiser for over 20 years.  He  was a GM Century Cruise Participant on August 16, 2008 cruising from the GM Global Headquarters at the Renaissance Center up Woodward Avenue to the heart of the Woodward Dream Cruise in Royal Oak and the surrounding suburbs. John wrote an article about his car for The GM Heritage Center website.  John bought the car in 1987 and has kept it in show car condition. It is never trailered to shows no matter how far. 

 "When I drive my car on the open road at 65 miles per hour, I can get about 22 miles to the gallon. Some of the newer cars on the road now do not get that kind of gas mileage. But, when I want to play or show off a bit, I can touch that accelerator and be gone in a flash. Unfortunately, Im getting a bit too old now to behave in such a manner very often, but Im not dead yet so every now and then... "

The Turnpike Cruiser produced figures equal or superior to the regular 330 Cutlass highway mileage figures. A standard 330 four barrel Cutlass using Jetaway 2 speed auto with 3.08 axle managed City figures of 13.3 and Hwy 16.3 MPG according to readers reports submitted to POPULAR MECHANICS April 1967.

An OOCC contributor, Magnus King recorded 8.5 City and 18.2 Hwy with a Cutlass 330 2 barrel, Jetaway and 2.78 axle. To see more details look up 1967 Cutlass in the Gas Log section. To read road trip stories taken in that Cutlass go to Destinations section and read DESERT OLDS and ROUTE 66.




The following table contains all of the options and prices
out of the Salesman's Pocket Guide, Revised March 1967.









Windows, Soft-Ray - Tinted - Includes A02



Soft-Ray Tinted Windshield.



Power side windows



Seat belts, deluxe front and rear



Seat adjuster, 4-Way Power - For bench seat. Town and Holiday Sedans, Sports Coupe with A52, Holiday Coupe and Convertible with A65



Seat adjuster, 4-way Power - For left-hand bucket seat. Cutlass Supreme coupes and Convertible



Seat, Bench Front - N.A. with D55. Sports Coupe only


No chg.

Seat, Custom Sport Front - N.A. with D55. Holiday Coupe and Convertible.



Seat belt, rear center


Seat belt, deluxe rear center



Seat backrest - reclining Strato Bucket - For right-hand seat. A81 recommended.  Coupes and Convertible



Seat Head Restraints - Dual Front - For Strato Bucket Seats. Coupes and Convertible



Seat Shoulder Belts - Dual Front:To match standard seat belts


Seat Shoulder Belts - Dual Front:To match deluxe seat belts



Power Trunk-lid Latch. Available on all F-85, Cutlass and Cutlass Supreme models, except Station Wagons.



Power Door Locks, 2-door models (98 and Toronado only)


Power Door Locks, 4-door models






Wall-to-Wall Carpeting, F-85 only



Floor mats, Auxiliary Front



Floor mats, Auxiliary Rear



Floor covering, Heavy-Duty Front-Town and Holiday Sedans, Sports Coupe with A52 , Holiday Coupe and Convertible with A65



Floor covering, Heavy-Duty Rear-Town and Holiday Sedans, Sports Coupe
with A52 , Holiday Coupe and Convertible with A65



Foam-Padded Front Seat Cushion, F-85 only



Foam Padded Rear Seat Cushion, F-85 only



Chrome Roof Drip Moldings. Available on Delmont 88 Holiday Coupe and Town Sedan, Standard Vista Cruiser, Cutlass Town Sedan and Station Wagon, and on all F-85s. Included with Vinyl rooftop covering (C08) on Delmont 88 Holiday Coupe and Town Sedan, and F-85 Town Sedan and Club Coupe.



Chrome Side Window Sill Moldings. Available only with Roof Drip Moldings (B80)



Chrome Side Window Frame Moldings. Available on Delmont 88 Town Sedan, Standard Vista Cruiser and all F-85 models.



Chrome Door-Edge Guard Moldings. Available on all Oldsmobile models.



Vinyl rooftop covering, available on all coupes and sedans.  It included chrome moldings on many models, and was offered in either Champagne or Black.


Deduct $71.50

Heater and Air-Conditioning delete option



Rear Window Defogger, except convertible



Air Conditioning, Four-Season - IncludesY76. Heater required.



Mirror, Remote-Control Outside Rearview



Sports Console. Standard in Delta 88 Custom Holiday Coupe and available in Cutlass Supreme models with Strato Bucket seats. Features lockable map compartment, bright-finish shift control area, and courtesy lamps with M33, M34 or M40. Bucket seats and floor shift transmission (M14, M20, M21, M33, M34 or M40) required.
(Note: Another source I have lists this option at $57.93)




Two-Tone Magic-Mirror Finish, available in fifteen colors, with one color on the roof and the other below the belt line. Available on all models except Toronados and convertibles.



Frame, Heavy-Duty Guard-Beam - N.A. in Holiday Sedan, Std. in Convertible



Springs, Heavy Duty - N.A with L66 or L78



Shock absorbers - Superlift Rear - N.A with L66 or L78




For more information on the following Rear Axle Ratio options and availability on specific models, please refer to the Rear Differentials page. Rear axle ratios with NO price were standard for certain models and not available at any price.



Anti-Spin Rear Axle.



3.91-to-1 Rear Axle Ratio. Available in Cutlass Supreme, Cutlass V-8 and F-85 V-8 models. Not available on models equipped with Air Conditioning (C60). Heavy-Duty Rear Axle Package including heavy-duty shafts, bearings and differential gears, available at extra cost.



3.08-to-1 Rear Axle Ratio. Standard on Cutlass Supreme with automatic transmission (except 4-4-2) and Cutlass/F-85 models w/L73 or L74.



3.23-to-1 Rear Axle Ratio. Standard on Cutlass Supreme L-6 and V-8 models, and L74- & L73-equipped Cutlass and F-85.



3.42-to-1 Rear Axle Ratio. Available in Cutlass Supreme, Cutlass V-8 and F-85 V-8 models. Heavy-Duty Rear Axle Package including heavy-duty shafts, bearings and differential gears, available at extra cost.



3.55-to-1 Rear Axle Ratio. Required with M21 Close-Ratio 4-speed, when also equipped with Air Conditioning (C60) or Heavy-Duty Cooling Equipment (Y76).



3.90-to-1 Rear Axle Ratio. Available in Cutlass Supreme, Cutlass V-8 and F-85 V-8 models. Not available on models equipped with Air Conditioning (C60).



2.78-to-1 Rear Axle Ratio. Standard on Cutlass and F-85 models with Action-Line 6 (L-6).






Brakes, Pedal-Ease Power - N.A. with J-52



Brakes, Power with Front Disc



Brakes, Police Option Only, HD Sintered Metallic, available on all models.



Automatic Cruise Control. A vacuum-powered system available for Vista Cruiser, Cutlass Supreme, Cutlass and F-85 models with V-8, automatic transmission and power brakes. It's control is a pushbutton in the turn signal lever knob. When desired speed is indicated on speedometer, driver pushes button. Thereafter, vacuum power maintains selected speed. Pushbutton has detent position halfway in, which permits acceleration to moderate cruising speed (about 50 mph) with foot off accelerator. (J50 or J52 and M33, M34 or M40 required.)



Climatic Combustion Control
Air-Induction System.
The system uses exhaust heat to warm incoming fuel-air.
Available on all V-8s.
Included in Turnpike Cruising Package (L66).




UHV (Ultra High Voltage) Transistorized Ignition System.
A magnetic pulse capacitor, coil amplifier and rectifier replace the conventional distributor  and condenser. Recommended for high-mileage and sustained high-performance usage. Available for all 400- and 425-cubic-inch engines.






Turnpike Cruising Package. Included the following:

Oldsmobile marketed this worthwhile option as "a magnificent blend of long-range driving economy, reliability and power-in-reserve for driving on superhighways".

  • 400-cubic-inch 300-hp Rocket V-8 with 2-barrel carburetor
  • Climatic Cumbustion Control Engine Air-Induction System
  • 7.75 x 14" White-Line Nylon Cord tires
  • Heavy-duty wheels
  • Heavy-duty Front and Rear Shock Absorbers and Front Stabilizer Shaft
  • Heavy-duty Front and Rear Springs
  • Heavy-Duty Rear Suspension and Stabilizer Shaft
  • Special Propeller Shaft, Front Motor Mounts and Battery
  • Dual Exhausts
  • Special Turnpike Axle Ratio (2.41:1)
  • High Capacity Radiator

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price  --   $142.18
When Turnpike Cruising Package (L66) was ordered, Turbo Hydra-Matic Transmission (M40) also had to be ordered. This additional cost item was not included in the price of Option L66. Available on the Cutlass Supreme Sports Coupe, Holiday Coupe and Convertible.



310-hp Jetfire Rocket V-8 (330 cu. in.)
Available in Cutlass Supreme at no extra cost, and in Vista Cruiser, Cutlass V-8 and F-85 V-8.

  • Regular fuel
  • 310-hp @ 5200 rpm
  • 340 ft./lbs. torque at 3600 rpm
  • 9:1 Compression Ratio
  • Quadrajet Carburetor
  • Single exhaust



320-hp Jetfire Rocket V-8 H.C. (330 cu. in.) Standard in Cutlass Supreme.
Available in Delmont 88 "330", Vista Cruiser, Cutlass V-8 and F-85 V-8.

  • Premium fuel
  • 320-hp at 5200 rpm
  • 360 ft./lbs. torque at 3600 rpm
  • 10.25 Compression Ratio
  • Quadrajet Carburetor
  • Single Exhaust



4-4-2 Performance Package.
Available in Sports (pillar) Coupe, Holiday (hardtop) Coupe, and Convertible. Included the following:

  • Louvered hood
  • Special grille
  • Pencil Paint striping
  • 4-4-2 emblems
  • Wide Tread Red-Line F70 x 14" nylon-cord tires
  • 400-cubic-inch 350-hp V-8 with 4-barrel Quadrajet carburetor, big manifolds and valves, oversize dual exhausts.
  • Transmission -  Heavy Duty 3-Speed Manual (M14), Wide Ratio 4-Speed Manual (M20), Close (Special) Ratio 4-speed manual (M21), or Turbo Hydra-Matic (M40)
  • Heavy-duty front motor mounts
  • Heavy-duty driveshaft
  • Heavy-duty extra-wide rims
  • Extra-thick radiator
  • 70-amp battery
  • Fully-synchronized heavy-duty 3-speed manual transmission and heavy-duty 11-inch clutch.(Options included 4-speed manual transmission, Turbo Hydra-Matic transmission and heavy-duty rear axle.
  • Heavy-duty front and rear springs
  • Heavy-duty shock absorbers and stabilizer bars






Clutch, Heavy-Duty - Included in L78. Except with L73



3-Speed Manual transmission, Heavy Duty - Fully Synchronized, column shift is standard, floor shift is available on V-8 models.Gear ratios:

  • First: 2.42-to-1
  • Second: 1.61-to-1
  • Third: 1.00-to-1
  • Reverse: 2.33-to-1



4-Speed Manual - Wide (Regular) Ratio - Fully Synchronized, Hurst floor shift. Gear Ratios:

  • First: 2.52-to-1
  • Second: 1.88-to-1
  • Third: 1.46-to-1
  • Fourth: 1.00-to-1
  • Reverse: 2.60-to-1



4-Speed Manual - Close (Special) Ratio - Fully Synchronized, Hurst floor shift. Gear Ratios:

  • First: 2.20-to-1
  • Second: 1.64-to-1
  • Third: 1.28-to-1
  • Fourth: 1.00-to-1
  • Reverse: 2.27-to-1



Jetaway 2-speed automatic transmission, Fixed Stator with Action-Line 6 engine



Jetaway 2-speed automatic transmission, regular duty, Variable-Vane - Except with L66 or L78



Jetaway 2-speed automatic transmission, heavy duty, available with V-8 models except with L66 or L78. Includes Y73.



Turbo Hydra-Matic 3-speed automatic transmission, regular duty. To be ordered with Turnpike Cruising option (L66). (Another source lists this for $238.97) Gear ratios:

  • First: 2.48-to-1
  • Second: 1.48-to-1
  • Third: 1.00-to-1
  • Reverse: 2.08-to-1



Turbo Hydra-Matic 3-speed automatic transmission, Police Option, heavy duty.
(See Option M40 for gear ratios.) Required in Delmont 88 "425" and Delta with B01 or B07 (Police Options)






Exhaust system, dual, included in L66 and L78



Deluxe Steering Wheel. Option for F-85, standard on Cutlass and Cutlass Supreme models.



Steering, Tilt-Away - M14, M20, M21, M33 or M40 required



Heavy-duty Steering, manual



Steering, Roto-Matic Power


No charge

White-Line Tires, 7.75 x 14" nylon-cord. With 4-4-2 Performance Package (L78) only.






Simulated-Wire Wheels.
For all models except Toronado and Ninety-Eight.





Wheel Discs
(hubcaps) 14",
available for Vista Cruiser, Cutlass Supreme, Cutlass, F-85. Standard on Ninety-Eight and 88s.



Wheel Discs
(hubcaps) 14",
all models except Toronado



Wheel Discs (hubcaps) 15", Toronado, ($27.91 on Toro deluxe)



Super Stock Wheels with chrome trim rings, wheel nuts and five pointed spiders (or "spokes"). Available on Cutlass Supreme, Cutlass and F-85 V-8s except Station Wagons.






Tires, 7.75 x 14" Whitewall - N.A. w/L66 or L78



Tires, 95RI4" Radial-Ply Whitewall - with L66 (Cutlass Supreme)



Cornering Lights (full-size only, not available on Cutlass series)



Safety Sentinel.
Driver set indicator at any speedometer marking. Warning buzzer and light alert driver when preset speed is reached. Available in all models except Toronado. N.A. with U21



   Rocket Rally Pac. (also known as the "tic-toc tach") Instrument cluster housed in large round carrier at right of steering column, included large-dial tachometer, self-regulating electric clock, and ammeter, oil-pressure and engine temperature gauges. Available in Vista Cruiser, Cutlass Supreme, Cutlass V-8, and F-85.



Safety Sentinel Combined with Rocket Rally Pac.
Available in Vista Cruiser, Cutlass Supreme, Cutlass V-8s and F-85 V-8s.
(Note: This option is described as "N/A with U21 Safety Sentinal" (above), and is not listed in the Salesman's pocket guide, yet is referred to in "1961-1969 Cutlass F-85 4-4-2 - A Book of Information" as a valid option.



Ash Tray Lamp



Instrument Panel Courtesy Lamps, 2 dr - Standard in convertibles and in Cutlass Supreme Coupes with Sports Console (D55), and manual transmissions.


Instrument Panel Courtesy Lamps, 4 dr



Electric Clock. N.A. w/U21



w/o U58, Stereo Tape Player, includes rear speaker (full-size only)


w/U58, Stereo Tape Player, includes rear speaker (full-size only)



Stereophonic AM-FM radio.

Customer indicated
which radio
was desired



Signal-Seeking AM-FM Radio (Full-size only, N/A for F85/Cutlass



Deluxe Pushbutton Radio



AM-FM Radio



Power Radio Antenna, front mounted for Toronado






Power Radio Antenna, rear mounted for all models except Toronado



Bi-phonic Rear Radio Speaker, to be used either alone or with front-seat speaker. Available in all models except Cutlass Supreme and Cutlass Convertibles. (Cutlass models had this mounted in the rear shelf area.)



Wiring harness, trailer electrical



Induction System



Convenience Lamps and Mirrors Package.
Includes Glove Compartment Lamp, Underhood Lamp, Trunk Lamp and Visor Vanity Mirror.



Deluxe Interior Equipment



Body Side and Wheel-Opening Moldings.
Available on Standard Vista Cruiser and F-85 models.



G.T. Stripe Paint Option.
Toronado, a thin, smart pencil stripe at the belt line. Available in 10 colors. Included in 4-4-2 package (L78)



Transmission control, Heavy-Duty Automatic -
For trailer towing with M33 or M40. Included in M34



Police Option only, Tires and Heavy-duty wheels, 8.45 x 15". Only available with J56 (in full-size)



Heavy-Duty Cooling Equipment -
Includes heavy-duty radiator and water pump, Thermo-Cool engine fan and Delcotron. Included in C60

  • Convenience and Enjoyment Package (Group 1)
    Includes Convenience Package (Y60) plus Deluxe Steering Wheel, Chrome Door-Edge Moldings and Radio
  • Combined Package (Group 2)
    Includes Convenience Package (Y60), plus the accessories in Group 1, plus Instrument Panel Courtesy lamps, Power Trunk-lid latch and Electric Clock.