1975 Toronado

1975 Oldsmobile Toronado What's new for 1975:
Styling was updated with new rectangular quad headlamps in front, and.horizontal tail lamps in the rear. There are no more hardtops, as the roofline was modified to include small fixed rectangular windows behind each door. Fuel economy improved slightly thanks to weight reducing components, reduced idle speed and more efficient carburetion. New options included a theft deterrent system, fuel economy gauge and an exterior door lock illumination package.
Dimensions and Capacities
Exterior DimensionsCoupe
Overall length (in.)227.6
Wheelbase (in.)122.0
Luggage cap. (cu. ft.)13.5
Fuel tank (gals.)n/a
Interior DimensionsCoupe
Headroom f/r38.1/37.1
Legroom f/r42.4/35.2
Shoulder room 64.3/60.2
Powertrain Specs
Displacement/Type455ci 4bbl V8
Horsepower 350
Transaxle3-speed auto.
Identifying a '75:
A '75 Toronado is visually identical to a '76 except that a '76 will have a Toronado crest trunk lock cover, which a '75 will not.