1973 Toronado

1973 Oldsmobile Toronado What's new for 1973:
Updates were again minor with a new hydraulic bumper system and refined styling to the trunk lid and tail lamps.
Dimensions and Capacities
Exterior DimensionsCoupe
Overall length (in.)226.8
Wheelbase (in.)122.0
Luggage cap. (cu. ft.)13.5
Fuel tank (gals.)n/a
Interior DimensionsCoupe
Headroom f/r38.1/37.1
Legroom f/r42.4/35.2
Shoulder room 64.3/60.2
Powertrain Specs
Displacement/Type455ci 4bbl V8
Horsepower n/a
Transaxle3-speed auto.
Identifying a '73:
1973 and 1974 Toronados appear very similar, and differ only in details. The 1973 had a reflector strip between the backup lamps, which was replaced by a silver strip for 1974. 1974 models also had TORONADO spelled out in block letters stretched out to the full width of the grille, while 1973 models had a more compact emblem above the grille on the driver's side.