1970 Toronado

What's new for 1970:
For the last year of the original Toronado body style, the front styling was heavily revised losing the concealed headlights. Wheel openings were squared-off, while changes to the rear were more subtle including revised tail lights and a move of the side-markers to the bumpers. Inside, the instrument panel was updated nicely as well.
Dimensions and Capacities
Exterior DimensionsCoupe
Overall length (in.)211.4
Wheelbase (in.)119
Luggage cap. (cu. ft.)14.6
Fuel tank (gals.)24
Interior DimensionsCoupe
Headroom f/r37.7/37.2
Legroom f/r41.3/35.5
Shoulder room 58.8/59.6
Powertrain Specs
Displacement/Type455ci 4bbl V8455ci 4bbl V8
Horsepower @ RPM 375 @ 4600400 @ 4800
Torque @ RPM510 @ 3000500 @ 3200
Transaxle3-speed auto.3-speed auto.
Identifying a '70:
1970 models are the only year of the original generation Toronado that do not have concealed headlamps. While the rear looks much like the '69 model, rectangular side markers and tail lights were altered as described above, while the script Toronado nameplate on the trunk was replaced with a block letter emblem.